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Saturday, June 8th 2024

Dress rehearsal for World Cup races

Intern. RAIFFEISEN Österreich
Mountainbike Grand Prix

The RAIFFEISEN Österreich Mountainbike Grand Prix represents Upper-Austria’s only UCI C1-race. We look forward to welcome the Mountainbike-Elite in Windhaag to battle for the precious UCI-points.  

Each race is initiated by a start lap with a length of 3 kilometer and depending on the category a total of three, four or seven laps of 4,1 kilometer each are required.

The Professionals are challenged by spectacular sections such as hell-gate passage, the 70 degree castle ruin downhill with the Enzmillner Jump but also by beautiful single trails in the Hausberg-mountain.

Entry fee & registration deadline

elite men/U23               € 35,-            

elite women                  € 35,-        

juniors men                     € 19,-    

juniors women              € 19,-

Registration deadline: Wednesday, Juny 5th 2024

Mountainbike Grand Prix
Mountainbike Grand Prix

The track

Timetable & start schedule

June 8th 2024

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